Riches to be Found in a Far-Away Land

Subject/Grade: Social Studies, 4th Grade

Unit Summary:
Exploration and Change. The exploration and settlement of Arizona led to interactions between Europeans and Native Americans. Students will know why Europeans explored and settled in the southwest (Arizona) and how did they affect the Native Americans. Using several different types of assessments in the beginning, middle and end of the unit will check for student’s knowledge and understanding of the exploration and change in Arizona’s history.

Curriculum Framing Questions:

  • Essential Question:
    How does a man’s curiosity impact a state or a countries development?
  • Unit Questions:
    How do you think Arizona Native Americans were affected by the trappers and explorers?
    What was the influence of European and American trappers and explorers in the settling of Arizona?
  • Content Questions:
    List three trappers in found in Arizona History.
    What was Coronado looking for?
    What was the significance of trapping beaver in the settling of Arizona?
    List the three reasons most explorers searched Arizona?

The Visual Ranking project idea: Students will arrange the skills a trapper or an explorer would need to survive and proper in a wilderness. The unit is designed to help students understand history is real, not just character in a book.

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external image msword.png Arizona Trappers and Explorers Timeline.doc
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