Unit Title: Arizona Towns: Then and Now

Subject: Language Arts and Social Studies

Grade level: Grades 3-8

Unit Summary:
This unit of study will give students an opportunity to study an Arizona town in great detail. They will compare and contrast the town to itself 100 years ago. Students will learn about the impact the past has on the future and give thought to what are the important elements of a community. The project will culminate with students presenting written reports and sharing their visual displays which make take the form of diorama, display board, or digital presentation.

Curriculum Framing Questions:
Essential Question:

How does history influence the future?
Unit Questions:
How have Arizona communities changed over the last 100 years?
How have city governments changed or not changed in the last 100 years?
How has the population changed in Prescott during the last century?

Content Questions:
What are the industries that drive the economy in Tucson?
Describe the types of city governments found in Arizona towns.
What is the population of Prescott?
Describe daily life in Bisbee 100 years ago.
Describe daily life in Bisbee today.
What factors have contributed to the growth of Phoenix over the last century?
What natural resources have contributed to the culture of Wickenburg?
Which citizens were key players in the establishment of Flagstaff?

The Visual Ranking project idea:
Communities change over time according to the needs of the people who live there. If you were an adult with a family, think about the kind of community you might like to live in. You will use the visual ranking tool to sort the list from the most important features in a town or community to the least important.

Unit Plan and Assessments