• Civil War in the United States
  • History, 7th & 8th Grade
  • Unit Summary
This unit is used in two phases/. In the beginning of the lesson on Civil War in the United States as an attention getter, pre-assessment and at the end of the first unit as a learner knowledge assessment of the previous unit. This unit checks for understanding of the previous unit and prepares students for study on the third unit.
  • Curriculum Framing Questions

Essential Question
How does war impact a country?
Unit Questions
How did the Civil War change America from a new country to one of determination and progress?
Content Questions
What are the factors leading to the Civil War?
What are the significant events of the Civil War?
Who were the significant individuals or groups in the Civil War?
What impact did the civil war place on personal, social, and economic aspects of American life?
What were some of the various events and movements that influenced Reconstruction?

Students choose a character, using this characters perpective they thenrank items in order of importance affecting the Civil War.

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