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What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaching is a program designed to pair teachers in peer coaching teams to assist in the implementation of technology into existing lessons. A peer coach is paired with a teacher that is interested in using technology in their classroom lessons. To learn more about peer coaching at Gila Bend Unified Schools see the Peer Coaching PowerPoint.ppt.

Coaching Success Stories

During the spring of the 2009, the eighth grade class took on the challenge of creating PowerPoint presentations on the topic of the Holocaust. Ms. Wohlhuter worked with a peer coach to plan and develop the activity. The students began by reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Once the reading was completed, the student visited the computer lab to research the Holocaust and decide on topics for their presentations. The students then created PowerPoint presentations. The development of the presentations was guided by a scoring rubric that Ms. Wohlhuter created. Ms. Wohlhuter took time to reflect on the project and stated that the student enjoyed the completing the project and took pride in making the projects as good as they could. She said that the projects, "Made the event more real." The students were also asked to think critically about the information and pictures that they used while researching on the internet. To view student samples, click the links below.

One of the second grade teachers also participated in the peer coaching program. Mrs. Cota used a projector and several videos from Discovery Streaming to introduce her students to the concept of a food chain. Mrs. Cota said, "The students really enjoy the videos and are able to see the information that I am presenting in class in ways that they would not be able to without the technology." She also mentioned that she was intimidated about using the projector in her class but said that thanks to peer coaching she felt that she was offered support, which made taking the risk much easier. Mrs. Cota, now, often uses the videos, music, activities, lesson, and other websites that are available for teachers. Pictured below are student samples made during the food chain lesson. The students created "Food Chain Burgers" that show the food chain for hamburger.

Student_Work_Sample_-_Food_chain_1_edited.jpg Student_Work_Sample_-_Food_chain_2_edited.jpg


In the high school, teachers are using technology frequently. Attached is a lesson plan that was used by a teacher for a culminating activity for a Unit on Macbeth. Technology is used in the presentation of the information and as an assessment piece, with the students recording the play as they act it out.


Quotes from participants

"As a peer coach it has been exciting to introduce ways to implement technology into lessons that the teachers have already created. Many teachers have asked for help this year. It has been a great experience and I feel that it is making a difference for our students and our school."

Kelly Cota - Peer Technology Coach