IDEAL is a one-stop resource center for certified Arizona teachers. Helpful hints and documents will be posted here.


Educational Technology Training Opportunities and Resources for Educators
Statewide Instructional (SIT) Project
SIT Project Goals: Provide training and support service to assist public, charter and private schools in acquiring standards based, instructional technology integration practices for K-12 subject areas. Promote IDEAL and Intel ® Teach into professional development efforts.

IDEAL overview handout.doc
This handout provides a guide to where resources are located and notes about them.

Get an Account_IDEAL.pdf
This handout provides information about getting an IDEAL Account.

IDEAL Information.doc
This handout provides detailed information about IDEAL.

Documents to show integration of IDEAL resources with standards:
Integrated Online Resources K8.doc
Integrated LearningresourcesHS.doc

Sample Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Forms
Template LessonPlan.doc
Technology integrated lesson plan.doc

Resources and Links


The IDEAL Help Desk can assist you with log-in problems and issues with your account.
The Help Desk is open from 7 am – 7 pm, Monday – Friday.
To reach them call or email: helpdesk: 480-965-9411 or

Great article about the use of iTunesU in the classroom:

Worried about student access to the iTunes Store? Here's how to block iTunes Store access:

In the preferences menu in iTunes, under the Parental Control tab, you will find options to turn off access to the Store and there is a sub-checkbox to still allow access to iTunesU. When you click both checkboxes, students will be able to click on the iTunes Store link in iTunes and it takes them directly to the iTunesU section of the store. They are unable to navigate to any other areas of the store.

Free Resources for the classroom exist on iTunesU (U=University)
Tutorial on how to use iTunesU:

Screen shots to help with navigating iTunesU (search and IDEAL's site): iTunesU Help.pdf

Discovery Streaming:

Instructions for embedding Discovery Streaming videos in a Smart Notebook file: Embedding DS Videos in Smart Notebook.doc

Read Blogs about great happenings in Discovery Education, including Arizona's Learning Community Blog:

Watch a webinar about the new look for Discovery!
To see available dates and times, go

Great website of resources for Discovery Bird House tab has PowerPoint demos (site by Matt Monjan)


Join the community of educators who use Recipes4Success:

Search YouTube for "Tech4Learning" and find how to videos about their software.

Great introductory video on Recipes4Success:

1. You can change the programs listed in Recipes and Snacks by changing the Level.

  • Click on the diamonds under the listing of "Recipes, Snacks and My Books".
  • R4Slevels.jpg
  • Example: Clicking on "Snacks" - under "General Computer Skills",
    "Using a Digital Camera" only appears under Levels 2 & 3.
  • The levels refer to technology and reading level.
    Level 1 is early technology users and 2nd grade reading level (great for ESL students and those new to computers).
    Level 2 is a user with some previous technology use and 5th grade reading level.
    Level 3 is someone with strong computer skills and 8th grade reading level.

2. The programs listed under "Recipes" differ from those listed under "Snacks".
  • Example: "General Computer Skills" and "Discovery Education" only appear under "Snacks".

3. When working with "My Books":
  • You can add as many snacks as you would like to a book; however, if you want to be able to retrieve a pdf file or
    print the book, you are limited to 10 snacks per book.

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