Internet Safety is a critical problem that all teachers and students should know about. Below are some links to important resources for learning about Internet Safety with assistance with teaching in the classroom or learning at home.

Internet Crimes Against Children
Arizona site: Arizona contact:
Use the links above for reporting any violations or concerns about predators or websites.

More resources:

Here are some interesting facts about Internet usage gathered by Web Wise Kids.
¨ Current Internet Facts.pdf

NetSmartz -

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How To Use NetSmartz.doc

i-SAFE program -
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Online Personal Safety Tips.pdf
¨ Intellectual Property Tips.pdf
¨ Plagiarism.pdf

Webwise Kids -
¨ Internet Safety Tips for PARENTS and KIDS.pdf
¨ Social Networking TIPS FOR KIDS.pdf
¨ Program Descriptions 2008.pdf – provides a variety of links
¨ Safekids Rules for Kids.pdf

Incredible Internet (Qwest) -

Get NetWise -

Yahoo Kids World Wide Web – Safety:
Links to Resources

Commonsense Media: Programs for Educators: - educational resources that address Internet safety, security and responsibility issues

Elementary online games:

More Resources available at: