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Sample Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Forms

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IDEAL Recursos para padres:

  1. Ayuda de estudios para padres en español:
    Increíble Internet
    PBS Parents
  2. Recursos de la tarea
    Ayudar a su hijo de la serie
    Alfabetización Quick Tips
    Apoyar a su alumno - Ayudar a hacer la tarea

Project-Based Learning Resources:

Through IDEAL:

  • Discovery Streaming
    --> Professional Development
  • Recipes4Success
    --> Project Learn
    --> Teaching: classroom management and instructional strategies info

Intel® Teach Program:

Exemplary Projects:

Teacher Tap:


More Help Pages (Wikis): - free resources for teachers


Interesting discussion board about using Wordle in the classroom:

Another word cloud creator:

Cool Timer & The Hat Downloads:
Cool Timer:
The Hat: