This wiki has been created to store materials and sites that I have discovered or been shown. I am currently an Independent Consultant for Professional Development for educational technology. I was formerly with Troxell Communications as a Professional Development Consultant. I learned many new technologies and loved working with teachers to help them use the technologies with students. I have another wiki page that I created while working for Troxell: www.acceleratelearning.wikispaces.com Prior to working for Troxell, I was a technology integration specialist and a former high school English teacher. I enjoy working with teachers to help them find technology that can either help them educate their students and/or make their lives easier. I am a Discovery Education Star Educator, master teacher for the Intel Teach program and certified Thinkfinity trainer. I hope you enjoy the resources. Check back and see what is new :)

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At the MEC 09 Conference, I attended a wonderful seminar: "Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age" presented by Dan McCormack. Dan created a wonderful technology integration chart and has allowed me to post it.

"Technology integration is more than just using a few productivity applications, but rather a continuum of experiences for students...and, just like Bloom's, these experiences represent basic knowledge & skills to higher order thinking skills in terms of how we engage students." Dan McCormack